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Djemo, Goat and Brucellosis

Djemo, goat and brucellosisBrucellosis is a very dangerous disease that affects sheep, goats and other animals. It, also, gets transferred to people and it is very hard to treat. About 500,000 people get affected every year, worldwide.

Until year 2004, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, brucellosis was not significantly present. But, with uncontrolled import of live stock, that started this year, brucellosis became highly increased dicease in this country. In 2007, 500 people got affected. In first half of 2008, 12,500 sheep and goats were euthanised, when brucellosis got epidemic proportions.

Running time: 20 min

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February, 2009.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
  • XIII International TV Ecological Festival To Save and Preserve Khanty-Mansiysk Russia 2009. film was awarded LAUREATE FOR THE AUTHOR'S WORK
  • 15th Shanghai TV Festival - nominated for Best Natural Documentary of the MAGNOLIA AWARD 2009. Shanghai China
  • 10th International Television Festival on Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage - 'ECO - 2009 Ohrid - Republic of Macedonia 2009. film was received Expert Jury Diplom for film.
  • Rhodes International Films + Visual Arts Festival ECOFILMS Greece 2009.
  • 5th European Environmental Festival "GREEN WAVE - 21ST CENTURY" Koprivstitsa - Bulgaria 2009.
  • 04th National Film Festival of Bosnia and Herzegovina / 15th Sarajevo Film Festival Sarajevo 2009.
  • 26th International Film Festival Agrofilm Nitra - Slovakia 2009. film was awarded CENA MEDZINÁRODNEJ POROTY-PRIZE OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY
  • 15th CineEco’2009 Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo de Ambiente da Serra da Estrela Seia – Portugal 2009.
  • 7th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival Tegernsee - Germany 2009.
  • 14th International Environmental Film Festival GREEN VISION St. Petersburg - Russia 2009.
  • 3rd International movies festival of touristic and ecologic movies and promo clips JAHORINAFEST Pale - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2009.
  • 3rd International Rights Protection Film Festival “STEPS-2009” Kharkiv - Ukraine 2009.
  • XXVI International Festival Sarajevo “Sarajevo Winter” 2010 “What Now?” – W.A.T./
  • 3rd International Environmental Film Festival EKO OKO Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010. -International Ecological and Environmental Film Festival TUR Ostrava Czech Republic 2010.
  • The 3rd China International Animal & Nature Film Festival Ya’an, Sichuan Province - China 2010.
  • 8th KaraFilm Festival Karachi - Pakistan 2010.
Nisvet Hrustić
Nisvet Hrustić; Second cameramen: Teo Agačević
Nisvet Hrustić
Music by: Amer Šehić
Nisvet Hrustić; Screenplay associate: Sead Hrustić, Professor
Nisvet Hrustić
Lead role: Džemal Hrustić, shepherd



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