Magnolia Award International TV Program Competition Nominees


TV Movie

Ah, You're Really Gone Now

Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc

This moving drama is about renowned novelist Saburo Shiroyama’s life with his wife from when they first meet until her death. This is a truly personal record found in the author’s home after he passed away in 2007. Viewers can capture a side to him that he has never shown in his novels. Everything is going well until his wife is diagnosed with cancer.  A truly touching drama that shows viewers just how powerful and deep love can be.



Oberon Cinematographic

Serrallonga is the story of a bandit who becomes a legend in a violent and brutal age, when fighting for survival was the only concern of people who were enslaved by hunger and feudal structures. A time when being a bandit was one of the few ways to escape from a life of misery.


The Viceroys

Rai Cinema

There is a Sicilian family whose father, a superstitious tyrant, deprives his daughter even of the right to love. There is a monastery where the monks live in sin with women lovers. The rise of politics is a tool of oppression, chameleon like expediency and corruption. This is the plot of The Viceroys, taken from a novel that set off a scandal at the end of the nineteenth century. The film tells of the obsessions, avidity, hate and betrayals of a caste clutching to power, willing to change sides at a moment’s notice


Welcome Home


A soldier coming back from the battle of Afghanistan was in always in the shadow of war. After returning to his hometown, he was welcomed by his family members. However, he still could not get out of the shadow brought by the fact that he had witnessed his friends die in the battle.



This film is dedicated to the devoted policemen and their supporting family.

While on his honeymoon, Luo Xiaoyong, a narc, saw three drug-dealers. Though outnumbered, he managed to seize them, but was beaten to a vegetable. His loving wife, Li Lizhen took great care of him day and night. Xiaoyong’s classmate and colleague, Xiaoguo, had an unhappy marriage. Too devoted to her work, she often ignored her family. In the end, Xiaoyong awoke from the coma under Lizhen’s tender care. And Xiaoguo awoke from her mistake and saved her marriage.



Rai Cinema

With his score for Turandot this creative impasse is aggravated by the anxiety caused by a throat condition that doctors are unable to cure. Puccini meets a young journalist who questions him and directs him towards the original sources of his vocation. Thus the series depicts the chapters in his life from the Bohemian years spent in Milan to his first national successes, to international fame and to his death.


The Visit

Ziegler Film GmbH & Co KG

Billionaire Claire Zachanassian returns to her hometown, which she left in disgrace 40 years ago after losing her honor, her health, her child, her love and her faith in human kindness. She offers the bankrupt town two billion euros, but on one condition: the man who made her suffer must die.



a goal post productions

A stunning TV Movie with a central premise which is arresting, simple and terrifyingly plausible: The year is 2012 and, ravaged by climate change. Sydney has only eight weeks of water left and is ringed by bushfires. When the flames begin to surge into the city it seems doomed. Without water, how can the fire-fighters hope to save anyone or anything? The movie was awarded 2008 Content and Technology Awards.


THE KING.The Hardest Day


A drama that hypnotized the Spanish audience 28 years after the real events.Spanish people will remember forever what everyone was doing on 23 February 1981. In the evening of 23 February 1981, when the reformist Government of Adolfo Suarez was about to be replaced in the Parliament, a number of military officers tried to bring back a dictatorship using  the force of a coup d’état. It was the most difficult and important day for King Juan Carlos I.


My Bloody Lover

Korean Broadcasting System

Three stories of love When people are at the peaks of their lives, they don’t look back or imagine the future. After reaching the peak, people are able to reminisce and regret. Even the greatest love has a dark side. Love that looks innocent and perpetual sometimes turns out to be the opposite of how it looks. We will see how people and love change through Jeong, Migyeong’s three short dramas ‘My purple picture, ‘Separate the night’ and ‘My Bloody Lover’.


The Light Ship


The father who was a captain traveling on a light ship for many year was often criticized by his son who was in youth rebellion. The son thought his father to be a coward. On the last trip in his career before retiring, they met a group of gangsters.  The son was very disappointed about his father’s response again, however, he did not know that his father was pretending to be obedient to confuse the gangsters. At the most dangerous moment when the son was threatened by the gangsters, the father struggles with them and he sacrifice his own life to save his son and the whole staff of the ship.


the 39 steps

BBC Drama Production

Based on John Buchan's classic vel, and starring Rupert Penry-Jones as  Hannay. When an undercover British spy is killed in his flat, Hannay finds himself accused of murder and caught up in a deadly conspiracy.  He flees London for Scotland hoping to prove his innocence and uncover a German espionage ring. As the police and the spies close in on him, his only hope lies in decoding a secret notebook.




The Legend of Swordsman (2nd Season)

The deep-rooted feud is ended and the friendship in adversity are reinforced in the multiplicity of tricky machines and the masses of ranges. The Castle lies hidden among the towering peaks and imposing ranges. It represents the pool of profound Mohist wisdom and the last fortress to all forces against Qin to defend.

Despite the solid Mohist castle, Wei Zhuang unexpectedly promises to the King of Qin that it only takes one day for him to crack down the castle. Thus, the defensive works well protected by the tricky machines has been subjected to the unprecedented challenges.

Can the Mohist swordsmen pull together to help Mohists survive the greatest crisis since its emergence? Does Tian Ming come to understand his true identity amidst the mysteries? How does the pre-determined war between Gai Nie and Wei Zhuang that is postponed for 12 years come out? All these riddles above will be revealed one by one in the second part: Dawn.


Pet Pals

There are 5 special little puppies living in an ordinary family: ingenious Keqing, haughty and beautiful Shasha, humorous and spoony Tangyi, knowledgeable Luhei and “omnipotent” Diandian, called Pet Pals by the family members.  They live happily with their grandma and little master. However, inside their heart, they look forward to adventurous and exiting life. Finally, they come across an accidental opportunity and start their journey, looking for Mark Polo’s world trip track.

During their adventure, Pet Pals meet a lot of interesting and strange things. They confront dangerous situations and overcome the difficulties again and again. They are also very kind to help those who are in danger frequently. In more cases, they rely on themselves—their strength, intelligence and team spirit to head off all the danger.

This journey gives them a lesson: compared to the treasure in the woods, the friendship among friends is the most precious fortune.


Romantic of Three Kingdoms

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is the first high definition anime ever to be broadcast in China, and is also the first Sino-Japanese anime collaboration approved by the state Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Striving to create “a high quality work imbued with Chinese.


GG Bond warrior in future world

GG Bond, a primary school student, was sent to the future world by Diamond Koyinor in a science experiment.

In 2080, the world is vertically separated into two parts. Rich people live on the higher level. Their lives depend on some energy-consuming technology inventions. Poor people live on the lower level where the environment is heavily polluted.  

GG Bond found his primary school -- Parents’ HopeSchool was about to be suspended because of fund shortage. Meanwhile, its competitor SuperTechnologySchool secretly plans to merge it at no cost. In order to rebuild the school, GG Bond has to compete with the director of SuperTechnologySchool in various sport games. He must win all the competitions to generate fund and fight against QQ Super’s plot.


Naughty Ma Xiaotiao

Ma Xiao Tiao was born jumping and inspired his father, a toy designer, to make a jumping doll that became a sensation all over the world. He himself is inventive, ingenious, and full of curiosity and attitude. He is always slightly out of step with the behavior of others, which is the essence of his appeal. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s wrong but he’s always interesting and each story has a reconciliation in which he learns a lesson or others learn from him. He is supported by a network of other characters that cross the spectrum of the exaggerated reality of a child’s life.



On a unknown island called BALA lived several happy and kind animals, namely AiliMengmengMimiLinglingQiuqiuNiniYuKaka以及Gaga, representing southeast countries. The story starts with this island and these animals, covering happenings including happiness and sadness, joy and conflicts. But no matter what happens, these guys gather together to handle and share them. Consequently, the island prospers and these animals become the so-called Team Bala



“100,000 Why” is a series of 3D animation. It is very interesting and instructive. “Akil and Bob” ,the two cartoon characters ,are to be loved by kid’s. The first part of ‘100000 Why’ is animal series, It consists of 26 episodes, including 26 small wonderful and humorous stories about animals and 52 mysterious and interesting why. While children are enjoying these humorous small stories, they will learn about much interesting knowledge.


Pleasant Goat Sports Game

Goats from various tribes all over the world are gathering together on the green grassland for the grandly 125th Sports Game. There are many driving rivals, such as the strong argali, the speedy Tibetan antelopes, the flexible mechanical goat, and so on. Many sports programmes including shooting, aquatics - diving, gymnastics and ping-pong bring lots of tough challenges to Happy and all their friends.

Knowing that winning the champion could become the leader in the goat village, Wolffy and Wolnie disguise to infiltrate the games in order to become the champion, so they could rule all the goats across the globe.

Who will win the champion eventually? Let’s go through this exciting grassland sports game!


Prince Wannabe

Prince Wannabe is the little prince of UtoIsland. When he was born, he burst out crying without stop because he has eighty four thousands of desire and perplexity but no wisdom. People name him Prince Wannabe. He hears that in the world outside UtoIsland it’s much more happier to have money than have no money. So he decides to leave UtoIsland to YuhaiCity. The king has no choice but to let him experience the outcome of chasing fortune, and on the other hand hopes to reduce the desire and confusion in his heart and increase his wisdom. Prince Wannabe hooks up with Li Qingbo, grandson of the president of Wufeng group in YuhaiCity - Li Yongwang and gets involved in the struggling of family wealth and suffered lots of tribulations. The girl Lan Xi, who saved his life is very disappointed by his cut-throat rivalry for wealth and jumped off the cliff. Prince Wannabe goes back to UtoIsland sadly and finally understands that fortune will not bring him the real happiness.


Happy Stuff

Twins’ happy life in a modern city, chic and simple with humorous language and easy style, showing us a picture of a metropolitan city



Set in the enchanting, technicolor world of Boryland, our energetic Borys utilize their heightened senses along with imagination and teamwork to playfully save the day!


3rd & Bird

From creator of successful The Wonder Pets, comes 3rd & Bird, a beautifully unique animated series for 3-to-5-year-olds with entertaining stories, songs & characters. Nestled in a beautiful old tree are a row of birdhouses of different shapes and sizes, where Samuel Lovebird lives. With his best friend Rudy and his cute little sister Muffin, he embarks on a series of colorful adventures. Set to become a classic, these stories help young kids explore their world & develop valuable social skills.



The ever-curious Pocyco and his cute and colourful playmates are in for an extraterrestrial surprise in this special edition of the acclaimed pre-school animation serius.

The little boy in blue is happily playing with his blocks and train when his fun-filled world is suddenly invaded by a group of curious aliens.


Tango Lola

After winning the lottery, Lola imagines her new life: travelling all over the world, that boor ofa husband turning into a perfect gentleman… On the other hand, she could just end therelationship with her unprepossessing husband and keep it all for herself. But the aforesaidhusband has other plans.



Bright colours, excellent quality, interesting plots... Short animated episodes (10") show tochildren historical, geographical and scientific events….The chameleon's eyes may rotate irrespective of each other. The water-spider builds its under-water house from the bubbles. The buildings of Kizshi are built without any nails. Professor Pavlov was the first who learned the animals reflexes…

In Tokyo Zoos close for two month to let animals get rest from visitors. The Lumier brothers invented cinema. The Ancient Incas used nubby script. MountOlympus on Mars is three times as high as Mount Everest on Earth. The density of the water of the water of the dead Sea is so high, that it's almost impossible to sink in it. The blue colour terrifies some insects.




Daniel and Our Cats
Catherine Bollon, 30, a beautiful French woman, arrived in Namibia in search of the wild horses. She married her great love, Daniel  Radziej, the ‘lion man,’ in the midst of the desert and lived an idyllic life on a farm with two leopards and a lion. One fateful night everything she loved was taken away from her. Daniel was imprisoned, the cats taken to a secret location. When Daniel was released, they started a new life in South Africa with a little lioness, whilst still battling for their other cats. Then tragedy hit them all. 

Tears in the Arctic

The glaciers of the Arctic are melting, and because of the vanishing ice, the polar bears are losing their hunting grounds. Melting glaciers and high temperatures also affect humans, as we re-visit after 12 years the town of Illorsuit whose residents were killed in a massive mudslide.

This is the testimony of the dangers of global warming seen through the animals of the arctic and the lives of the Inuit in the midst of a crisis.



When animals swarm they create a super-organism of incredible power. They can attack our food supplies, immobilise our transport systems, undermine our cities and even attack our energy supplies. They can stop us in our tracks. Using state-of-the-art photography, Superswarms reveals the collective intelligence behind the animal invasions, and how man fights back.


The story of Francois’monkey

The monkey is endangered protective animal of chinathe number is over 1000 there are 76 colonies 730 in guizhou province

The photographer took over 8 years filming itdocumenting  the living status habits and environment dashan family live freely in their habitatHoweverwith the development of the local tourismtheir living environment is  destroyed and threatenedIt rises people to be concerned with the relationship between wild animals environment and men.


A Rain Story

The beautiful, mysterious world of rain is visualized using the latest filming technology. Ultra-high speed cameras capture breathtaking images.

On the ground form lakes that only appear after summer heavy rains, allowing rare frogs to thrive. In winter, a unique natural phenomenon called “Glazed Frost” takes place.

Through poetic cinematography, we discover just how rain enriches the natural beauty in Japan, a country unusually blessed with rain.



Brucellosis is a very dangerous disease that affects sheep, goats and other animals. It, also, gets transferred to people and it is very hard to treat. About 500.000 people get affected every year, worldwide. Before 2004, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, brucellosis was not so serious. However, with uncontrolled import of live stock, brucellosis became highly increased disease in this country. In 2007, 500 people got affected.


English Surgeon

What is it like to have God like surgical powers, yet to struggle against your own humanity? What is it like to try and save a life, and yet to fail?

Shot in a Ukrainian hospital full of desperate patients and makeshift equipment, “The English Surgeon” is an intimate portrait of brain surgeon Henry Marsh as he wrestles with the dilemmas of the doctor patient relationship. “It’s like selling your soul to the devil, but what can you do? My son had a brain tumour as a baby and I was desperate for someone to help me. I simply can’t walk away from that need in others”


The Mosquito Problem & Other Stories

A small town and its hopeful citizens are about to embark on a bright new journey. Massive rusty cranes, foreign investors, and the joyful chants of cheerleaders carry the dream of a great nuclear future. Disturbed only by gigantic stinging mosquitoes, the townsfolk celebrate the atomic hurray by engraving the nuclear power plant logo on buildings and soup bowls. Amidst the apparent atomic prosperity, lies a past that no one wants to remember. An island holding terrifying secrets...



The director himself (who’s also a journalist) encountered in an interview a small group of people who, despite all odds, willingly invite him into their world of drug use and peddling. That’s how “Using” was born.
    What exactly is the relationship between a filmmaker and those being portrayed, “Using” has the answer.


The Thirst Of a StoneSea

Cuce, the most arid, remote and deserted region of Montenegro, is a place where 17th century meets the 21st, where the reality is often surrealistic.

    A goatherd speaks a specific language with his goats, shares the water holes with them, and mourns for heroic times and great men…

A man is building a road through the harsh rocky soil with his bare hands…

An official issues the documents, measures the blood pressure, gives hair cuts, mows… His office is placed anywhere and is always open…

A young woman is ready to live “even in a cave” for love…

A young boy is obsessed by the roots…

A charcoal maker surveys the world politics...

The life, the authenticity and the strength of life, the beauty, the suffering and the dignity of life, the thirst for a life, in the middle of a harsh but beautiful environment… How long can this life remain untouched…!? Is the globalization approaching…!? Even though remote and isolated from the world, this pure life is in touch with new civilization achievements, and maybe, endangered by them.


Hair India 

The journey of a young Indian woman's hair, donated to the Temple to be then converted into exquisite hair extensions in Italy. This same hair will then return to India to satisfy the whim of a successful career woman in Bombay. It is a story of the cult of beauty in the era of globalization, an original view of today's India with its contradictions, and a kaleidoscope of modernity, economic expansion and ancient traditions.


The Tunnel Dwellers of New York

Beneath New York's skyscrapers are 18 levels of tunnels and 468 open or abandoned subway stations. Three decades ago, many homeless Vietnam-era veterans homesteaded this urban wilderness. However, after the terrorist attacks on the WorldTradeCenter, city officials became less tolerant of the tunnel dwellers and most were forced to abandon their underground abodes. Documentary filmmaker Chantal Lasbats travels through narrow portals into a maze of corridors and passageways to meet a few hardy denizens of this hidden world who continue to live there.


Henry Kissinger - Secrets of a Superpower

Like only few living personalities Dr. Henry Kissinger is both, a historical witness and a political decision maker of the 20th century. His influence reaches into our present period. For the first time Dr. Kissinger talks at great length in his private estate about the time when he was in office as National Security Advisor to US president Nixon and as Secretary of State to presidents Nixon and Ford.


Beauty Within Us

The American Jock Sturges is internationally considered

One of the most important photographers working in portraiture .his enduring theme is girls from childhood and puberty up to early adulthood .

A film about the beauty and the moral values we have within us.



Beijing, the capital of a country with a population of 1.3 billion, is China’s political, cultural and economic center. It is a city with 3,000 years of civilization and 800 years of history as a capital city. From the ancient time of 460,000 years ago to the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing went through a historical spiral, growing from a primitive village to a city, rising from being the political center of north China to the capital of the unified Chinese empire, then to the capital of the People’s Republic of China, and now a developing metropolis. In the period, what political turbulence, civilization progress and cultural reform did Beijing go through? From the divided kingdoms in the Warring States Period to the unified empire in the Qin Dynasty, from the Anshi Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty to the invasion of the south by Mongolian cavalry, on this unique historical stage, how many heart shattering events took place?


At The Gateway To Heaven

A living world without a visual record could soon disappear. “Stories from village boundaries” is an episode of the program series “At the Gateway To Heaven”, is a real oral archive, aimed at retrieving the world of the Romanian village, as discovered today from its traditions. Rain wizards, the so-called “solomonari”, witches, ghosts, the Forest Girl and the Night Man, hidden burning treasures, ritual and magic practices, myth and magic within the village boundaries.

The belief in fabulous creatures, in ancient rituals and ceremonies, in magic practices and gestures is till vivid in the Romanian village.


Must Read After My Death

"When an unconventional 1960s Connecticut couple turn to psychiatry for help with their troubled marriage, their lives spiral out of control. Allis and Charley submit themselves and their four children to a daily barrage of group and individual therapies. But things get worse. Pills are prescribed, family members are sent away. The family, as instructed by their doctors, record their discussions and fights. Smart, free-thinking Allis begins to question the therapy.       Her heart-wrenching audio diaries tell a story of oppression, abuse and institutionalized misogyny. Remarkably, all of these recordings were preserved, hidden away for Allis's children to discover after her death. The film uses this intimate material combined with home movies and an unusual soundtrack to viscerally reconstruct the family's struggle and to comment on the mores of American culture in the '60s.


Grace Under Pressure

Grace under Pressure is an episode from China and the Olympics, a ten-part documentary charting China's engagement with the Olympic movement over the past hundred years. After the Chinese team achieved stinning success at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, their performance in Seoul four years later came as a huge disappointment. The domestic media dubbed Seoul Olympics as Chinese sport's Waterloo. In retrospect, amid the gloom a few glimmers of light can be found-Li Ning(multiple gymnastics champion), Gao Min(multiple diving champion) and Lou Yun(men's vault champion). Their smiles reveal the Chinese spirit of behaving with grace under pressure.


The Tale of Nicolai & the Law of Return

With humor and irony, in a style of a tale, using an original mix genre language, the film tells the story of a Romanian worker who realizes his Jewish roots can spin his  fortune wheel around as his Palestinian friends reveal to him the amazing advantages of a Jewish grandmother.



65 years ago, the Mian Yang woman normal university’s school beauty Miss Liu had come to her present house. There is nothing about love, just a dealing by her father and young step-mother, because repay the opium debt. During the 65 years, she had tried to escape and suicide, but at last she reared five daughters and one son. 65 years, it is a long history. Mrs. Liu Liu’s joy and sorrow, the sweet and bitter of her life composed the home.

Because the two and a half minutes in “512”, the home suddenly break up.

After the earthquake, everyday, Mrs. Liu looked for her outworn clothes, woods, bags or pot in ruins, the detritus of her 65 years life. But her construction meets her son at first. Her son doesn’t like the trash, so he threw the things again and again. At one tine, the relation between she and her daughter-in-law is not well. So the process that Mrs. Liu construct her history of life is becoming the process of “war”.

Mrs. Liu disputed with her son. Mrs. Liu ran away and left her house. Mrs. Liu came to her brother’s house and her daughter’s houses, just for comfort…

After all, it is Mrs. Liu’s house, which she has lived for 65 years.

It is a story that an old victim face to trouble; a life about a 82 years old woman; a story about Chinese traditional family civilization.


My Last Secret

On an old Suzhou street, lives an old lady in her nineties with her nanny.When the world of the old lady withdrew from the street to the bed, the pain buried in the memory become more and more sharp, which in turn becomes her intolerance to the world around. But it couldn’t stop other’s interests in her asset. With different expectations, Nanny and the others come to her while nobody knows what the old lady is thinking…



Sonbol Fatemi is 35, she is single, has her own dentist surgery and besides a passion for rally races, competing against men. Sonbol lives in the holy city of Mashad, in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Living a life like this in Iran means that she has to fight everyday. Against her mother, who would love to arrange a marriage for her. Against the sports administration, that wants to exclude the women from rally races. And not least, against her own doubts about God and if he is on her side.


Baseball Boys

Everyone has his own unique childhood memories, whether it is a fight with your best friend, or a chasing game with your neighbors around the house, perhaps it is a moment that you just can't remember how much is 9 minus 6. Growing up is an essential timing for everyone, and the memory of the childhood might be sweet, might be nutty, might be a frustration. For a group of Taiwanese native young kids from the eastside of Taiwan, it is baseball. Director Shen Ko-Shang played an observer's role, and used the camera to record those children's simple and pure timing before growing up.   Following the training schedule from the strict couch Chung, everyone from the baseball team has to focus on not only the daily baseball training practice, but also the course work. With the upcoming national baseball competition, the team leader A-Wei, the nutty boy Chi-Wen, and the peace lover Ma-Jin and all the other team players are all looking forward for the competition's coming.



After Invisible city’s is released to the public in Singapore, it is regarded as a film that every Singaporeans should see, because “Singaporeans have gradually lost the real and indigenous collective memory, being replaced by the memory of a global world.” It is not only a picture of urban characteristics, but also a mix of diverse nations and rich life deposits. The direct guides the audience to the ordinary people’s life in Singapore through the exquisite decoration of modernization by means of talk and follow shots. Tan Pin Pin’s InvisibleCity shows the almost forgotten past of Singapore: the gradually lost memories of the elders, the old film which is going to be wiped out and those self-reflections under the political power. It intellectually includes different historical scenes, letting the history cross between easiness and seriousness. It has some new inspiration to the historical narration in Asia.