Tuesday 13th - Europa Congress Palace

First session: 16:00

ZAPAD NA ISTOKU (The West in the East)


Bosnia Herzegovina 2010

Zuzendaria/Director: Nisvet Hrustic

Ekoizlea/Producer: Nisvet Hrustic

A lover of nature, forest, water and astronomy who is trying to build a weekend house by his own and bring unusual forest water to it 1200 meters in length. By humble eastern financial capabilities and western ideas he uses lumber waste material, preserving the environment and facing incomprehension and derision by local community.






BROAD PEAK. Hastapenetara itzulera


Euskadi / Basque Country 2011

Zuzendaria/Director: Josu Bereziartua

Ekoizlea/Producer: Josu Bereziartua

I longed to return to the beginning. I felt the need to leave twenty years of media-centred expeditions to one side, in order to enjoy again the mountains and my friends. I will embark on the journey to Karakorum with the aim of feeling like I did in my alpinist beginnings: free.








Brasil 2009

Zuzendaria/Director: Alexandre Diniz

Ekoizlea/Producer: 9D Produçoes

In April 1912, five Brazilian young men decided to climb the Finger of God. These pioneers didn’t have the slightest idea of what mountaineering was, but this fact didn’t stop them from taking the homeland in their thoughts and the Brazilian flag to the summit of the great monolith. This fact transformed the Finger of God into the national mountaineering symbol.


 Photo: Silvia Batalha






Euskadi/Basque Country 2011

Zuzendaria/Director: Gorka Sagasti Saenz de Buruaga

Ekoizlea/Producer: Gorka Sagasti Saenz de Buruaga. Txastimendiakfilms

They say that travelling is moving from one place to another, generally distant place, by any means of locomotion. However, many things happen during a journey which can turn the very “move” into a nightmare or the most interesting adventure.

In August 2010, Xabier Gatón, Aitor Gonzalez, Oier Marquinez and Gorka Sagasti travelled to Chile with the intention of having a great adventure skiing the most representative volcanoes of an extremely beautiful territory. ‘Travel with Boards’ narrates the experience of the 4 friends travelling around a country which witnessed, glued to the t.v., one of the media events of its most recent history…






Second session: 18:30



AEB / USA 201O

Zuzendaria/Director: Stephen Grynberg

Ekoizlea/Producer: Stephen Grynberg  - Ptarmigan Films


A LIFE ASCENDING chronicles the life of acclaimed ski mountaineer and mountain guide Ruedi Beglinger. Living with his wife and two young daughters on a remote glaciar in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, Beglinger has built a reputation as one of the top mountaineering guides in the World. Documenting the sublime beauty and ever-present risk of a life lived on the Edge, the film explores the power of nature as both an unforgiving host and profound teacher.







The climbing of great walls changed radically in the 80s and 90s thanks to the impetus of an extraordinary generation of talented Slovenian alpinists, amongst which Silvo Karo stands out. His incredible solo climbs and winter ascents in the Slovenian Alps made him into a legend among Slovenian climbers, but his international reputation rose to an all time high with his openings in Patagonia, Pakistan, Greenland and the U.S.A.. His alpine style ascent of the west face of the Bagirathi III is the zenith of a great trajectory in which the following stand out: the first ascent of the south face of the Cerro Torre, the one day ascent of the Eternal Flame route in the Torre sin Nombre of the Trango and other great Patagonian openings.

Silvo Karo is Honorary Member of the British Alpine Club and has been awarded the Slovenian Order of Merit.






Britainia Handia/UK 2010

Zuzendaria/Director: Alastair Lee

Ekoizlea/Producer: Alastair Lee. Posing Productions


Following the UK's top big wall climber Leo Houlding as he revisits his 10 year project; 'The Prophet', an exceptionally steep, loose and difficult route on the east face of Yosemite's El Cap. Leo describes the route as 'the wildest climb I've ever been on'. This has to be seen to be believed, crazy climbing.








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