Justicia Now! is a documentary about Chevron Texaco's toxic legacy in the Northern Ecuadorian region of the Amazon rainforest - and a courageous group of people called Los Afectados (The Affected Ones) who are seeking justice for the ensuing cancer, sickness and death in the largest environmental class action lawsuit in history.

Justicia Now!
is produced by Mofilms, an independent media organization that is dedicated to creating solution-oriented documentaries in order to inform the world about important social and environmental issues. For more information contact mofilms.org.
VIEW TRAILER HERE : http://mofilms.org/

SCREENING: FREE at 2:30pm Jan 16, 2009 with 'Town at the Top of The World'  (USA 2008) 31 min.

The movie "TREE IS LIKE A MAN" is an educational documentary where a tree cutter is emotionaly connected to the forest.

The movie utilises minimum speech. The picture and music speak about the need to preserve the forest as important part of human environment.

Refik Kajmak is a logger from village of Vraniska close to Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides being a logger, he loves wood. At wood cutting competitions in former Yugoslavia and Bosnia & Herzegovina he had high scores and results.

He views the forest not only through cutting. He feels for the tree, nurishes it, watches and admires it. One old dry tree that the cutter needs to bring down was esspecially chosen for filming. His sights go down, he will use this tree for heating, furniture etc.

 Director Nisvet Hrustic of Bosnia and Herzegovina presents an engaging statement on the co-existence of man and nature.

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SCREENING: FREE January 17, 2009 at 2pm with 'Geologic Journey: The Great Lakes

Student filmmaker Monika Borchert  from Walter Scott P.S.  in Richmond Hill, ON presents her short film about the environment featuring many of her fellow students united in the common cause - to reduce their carbon footprint. MoBo productions (Canada 2008) 6 minutes 

SCREENING: FREE with 'Be The Change' Saturday January 17, 2009 at 1pm
Les Ailes Du Marais (Wings Over The Marsh)

A wildlife documentary about the Marsh Harrier (circus aeruginosus) in the Brouage marsh (Charente-Maritime, France).  Photographed by Mathieu Le Lay.

Information :
Title : Les Ailes du Marais / Wings Over the Marsh
Director : Mathieu Le Lay
Original soundtrack : Benoît Grélard
Producer : © IFFCAM (French Film School)
Year of Production : 2008  31 min

" I've spent hours and days waiting in the Brouage marsh during winter to get my images from a hide that I made. But this was really exciting; I enjoyed it a lot !"   Mathieu Le Lay

SCREENING:  January 17, 2009 at 11:30pm  with "Encounters At The End of The World"

Six Films by Jagdish Kulkarni

Acclaimed environmental filmmaker from India Jagdish Kulkarni presents 6 short films about reducing our ecofootprint: 
Another Incovenient Truth
Who Is Wild?
Space TV News
Economics of Ecology
Eco Reflief
Eco Footprint

"I am an environmental film producer and have produced over 30 films on the topic of environmental awareness for students and general masses. I think the medium of TV and video would be only effective medium in developing countries to change the mindset to look at the problem of Climate change and global warming. Using this medium would have dramatic effect on the environment in future years." Jagdish

Screenings Daily at Green Reel Environmental Film Festival

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