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Tree Is Like a Man

Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 2004/ DV6mm/ 21'/ Color/ Docu
Director : Nisvet Hrustic
016 StarSix6 9/09 20:30 
042 CineCube 9/11 20:30 
TREE IS LIKE A MAN is educational documentary where tree cutter is emotionally connected to the forest. The movie utilizes minimum speech. The picture and music speak about need to preserve forest as important part of human environment.
Nisvet Hrustic
He was born in Bosnia in 1956. He engaged himself in 1973. in black-white and colour phtography working. He started shooting in the film area in 1975 on "super 8" format and until today worked almost on all formats in video production. He worked as camerman and editor on television in editing, he was engaged in producer's work, editing and synchronization of cartoons.