Djemo, goat and brucellosis
Directed by: Nisvet Hrustic
Duration: 19'  Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2009 

He is a director, editor and cameraman, born in Vitez (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1956, where he lives and works.
He engaged himself in 1973 in black-white and colour phtography working, completely independently on elaboration.
He started shooting in the film industry in 1975 and he has since worked almost on all formats of video production.
He has worked as a director, camerman and editor on television.
He has also produced, edited and synchronized cartoons.
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Screenplay, Director, Camera, Editor: Nisvet Hrustic
Actor: Dzemal Hrustic
Camera: Teo Agacevic
Rhyme: Rusmir Agacevic
Screenplay Associate: Sead Hrustic
Accordion, Music: Amer Sehic
Narrators: Drazenka Lastro, Nisvet Hrustic
Brucellosis is a very dangerous disease that affects sheep, goats and other animals. It also gets transferred to people and it is very hard to treat.
About five hundred thousand people get affected every year, worldwide.
Until 2004, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, brucellosis was not significantly present.
But, with uncontrolled import of live stock, that started this year, brucellosis became highly increased disease in this country.
In 2007, five hundred thousand people got affected.
In the first half of 2008, 12.500 sheep and goats were euthanized, when brucellosis got epidemic proportions.

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