Directed by: Nisvet Hrustic
Duration: 46  Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007 

Nisvet Hrustic - director, editor and camera man.
He was born in Vitez (year 1956), Bosnia and Hezegovina, where he lives and works now.
He engaged himself in 1973 in black-white and colour photography working, completely independently on elaboration.
He started shooting in the films area in 1975 on 2x8 mm, super 8 mm, 16 mm format and until today worked almost on all formats in video production.
He worked as director, camera man and editor on television, in linear and unlinear editing, he was engaged in producer's work, editing and synchronization of cartoons.
2007 Fatal Circle
2006 More Than That
2005 Panta Rei
2004 Tree Is Like A Man
2002 De Mea Vita
1995 People Of The Lights
1994 Travnik's Fragments
E-mail: nisvet.hrustic@gmail.com


Script, Editor, Camera, Producer, Animation: Nisvet Hrustic
Camera: Srecko Stipovic, Ivan Opacak, Tarik Bajramovic, Pavle Condric, Hasan Pasic
Sound: Nisvet Hrustic, Marinko Slipac
Music: Amer Sehic
Garbage and toxic waste is all around us.
Municipal authorities manage to displace large depot of expired medicines,combined with great pressure from Environmental Society and citizen protest.
What is the situation with waste dumps, rivers, meadovs and forests in Bosnia and Herzegovina?What do scientists and common people say? What is the future of our planet Earth?
Fatal circle?
While we talk about Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country with great tourism potential, it seems that we forgot about how human ignorance causes destruction of all the forests, and pollution of rivers and meadows, garbage and toxic wastes are all around us.
Fatal Circle serves to direct public attention to the fact that the environment in our country is being arrogantly destroyed, and hope to wake the sleeping conscience of those who believe that the world will end with them.
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