Directed by: Nisvet Hrustic
Duration: 20'  Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2005 

Nisvet Hrustic, -camerman, editor and director.
He was born in Vitez (year 1956.), Bosnia and Hezegovina, where he lives and workes now.
He engaged himself in 1973.
in black-white and colour phtography working, completely indepently on elaboration.He started shooting in the films area in 1975 on 2x8 mm, super 8 mm, 16 mm format and until today worked almost on all formats in video production.
He worked as camerman and editor on television in linear and unlinear editing, he was engaged in producer's work, editing and synchronization of cartoons
6th International Short Film Festival Malescorto-Italy 12-16.th of July 2005. film was awarded MENZIONE SPECIALE-SPECIAL MENTION
5th KaraFilm Festival Karachi-Pakistan 01-11.th of December 2005
The 14th Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival Screening of the environmental Film for Children 26-27.th of November 2005 in Tokyo-Japan
Travnik's fragments (1994)
People of the lights (1995)
De mea vita (2002)
Tree is like a man (2004)
Panta rei (2005)
More than that (2006)
White horse, brown bread (2006)-assistant director
Asim free man (2004)-assistant director
Bosut bicycle man (2005)-assistant director
Many TV shows and reports
Synchronization of many cartons


Screenplay, Camera, Editing By: Nisvet Hrustic
Sound Recording: Nisvet Hrustic
Music: Little Music Parts Of Different Authors
Main Role, Children: Ibrahim Hrustic And Amra Hrustic
Accordionist: Mesud Muslimovic
Women Making Jam: Zejrema Zejnic, Tenzila Alagic, Fikreta Hercegovac
Mower: Mahmut Hrustic
Scythe Blacksmith: Muharem Subasic
Water Boy: Kemal Hrustic
Hay Drying: Kadir Hrustic, Ehlimana Hrustic, Sabina Hrustic
Firemen: Redzo Subasic, Fuad Hrustic
The documentary movie PANTA REI (old Greek preoverb from Heraclitus "Everything flows") is about “birth and death” of seasons in the eyes of the children.
Ibrahim and Amra Hrustic are playing carelessly in their settlement in different seasons.
They are picking the flowers, looking their dearest trees, going on the same path.
While they are looking at coming of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, they are admiring to them.
But, when the season underwent, they feel sadness.
The honeybees and butterflies are flying in front of their eyes, the grass is being mowed, the jam is being made, and last leaflet is falling from the bough.
When the winter comes they are playing on the snow and making the snowman.
But, suddenly they realize that their favourite tree is being cut, the snowman is being dissolved; that imagination is far away from the reality and new spring is being hinted.
There is no speech in film so greater illusion would be created utilising picture and sounds.

Nisvet Hrustic about his film:
We all have our way of seeing seasons come and go.
However, children see this in different way, in their own world.
This is the subject of this documentary.
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