ECO-2007, the 8th International Festival of TV documentaries, is to be organized by MKRTV, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ohrid, as well as in collaboration with Co.Pe.AM, CIRCOM Regional, etc.


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MRT-Online 2007
Jury Members
Antony Donchev
Antoniy Donchev is Film Programmes Manager at the Red House Centre for Culture and Debate in Sofia, Bulgaria, a venue known for its alternative, experimental, documentary screenings and discussions. He is also author/director of more than 20 films. Festival prizes: Grand Prix at the XIII Ethnographic Film Festival, Beograd 2004 for the film "Muslim Labyrinths"; Best TV Production at the First International Roma Film Festival, Skopje 2002 for the film  "I Am Gypsy, I Plead Guilty"; Best East European Film at the Documentary Film Festival in Sibiu 2000  for the film  "A Month in the Life of Ephtim D."; The Special Prize of the Romanian TV at  the Bucharest  Documentary Film Festival 1995 and Special Prize at the  Eserciti e Popoli Film Festival in Rome 1996  for the film "A Turkish  March". Lecturer at the EBU Workshop, Helsinki 2003 and the Radio Drama  Workshop, Sofia 2004. A member of the Cinema Jury of the 52d International Film Festival, Oberhausen 2006. Since 2005 he has been festival director of the Green Wave 21st Century European Environment Festival in Dolna Banya.

Gordana Kunovska Angelovska
Gordana Kunovska Angelovska was born 1965 in Skopje. She graduated interdisciplinary journalism at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. In 1986 she began working in Macedonian Radio and Television as a part time journalist in various departments. In 1991 she began working full time in Macedonian Radio and Television as a TV host, screen writer and journalist, later as department head of music shows, reports, music documentaries, New Year's shows, portraits, etc. and from 1998 to 2002 she was head of the entertainment dept. of Macedonian Television. Author, writer and head of numerous serials: like the documentaries "All the Rivers Run", the TV portraits series "First Time", the quiz show,  "And yet it still moves" as well as documentaries about places, people and customs regarding the Macedonian cultural heritage. She has taken part in the International festival " Golden Rose of Montreux" Switzerland, Brasov - Romania , Krushevo TV festival -Macedonia and the International TV project "Midnight Circus". She has received many acknowledgements for the affirmation of the cultural values of Macedonia and the annual MRT award in 1999.

Nisvet Hrustic
Nisvet Hrustic was born in 1956 in Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1973 he became engaged in black&white and colour photography. In 1975 Hrustic started shooting films on 2H8 mm, super 8 mm and 16mm format, while later  he passed on to other techniques. Hrustic worked as a director, cameraman and editor of both linear and nonlinear editing, he was also engaged in production, editing and voiceover of cartoons. The films of Nisvet Hrustic were been screened at numerous international film festivals: Tokyo, Paris, Athens, Seoul, Brno, Prague, Sank Petersburg, Budapest, etc.  His films usually treat ecology as topics of children programmes. For his contribution in the fields of culture and film Nisvet Hustic was awarded an official recognition of Vitez Municipality.
Some of Hrustic's more famous films are: Fragments from Travnik (1994), De mea vita (2002), Tree is like a man (2004), Panta rei (2005), More than that (2006), Wrong circle (2007).  Some of the films in which Hrustic acted as assistant director are: Asim free man (2004), Bosut bicycle man (2005), White horse, black bread (2006), Peter called FIS (2006), The hand of mother Rabia (2006). 

Antony Donchev
Nisvet Hrustic
Gordana Kunovska